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Track Name: Beau Victrola - Olly Olly Oxen Free
let's make a pact. She said in my lap. My light bright eyed friend...with tie dye pretend. She said, "lets just be kids, we're old but ageless, forever mutants, laughing ha ha ha HA". Through language debris; this pipe dream decree; she lays before me. Such reality. I'm already there. Without wear and tear. Throwing back my head, I said "ha ha ha, I know it all oh....too...well".

Underneath, above beneath. Within between, beyond belief. A slice of life we laminate, preserves return on later dates.

I know a place, that's safe and sounds safe. A live oak or pine, that's base and that's fine. So come out, come out!! Where ever you are! This world is my yard, is that going too far? The Climate has climbed. the sweat dripping dries. Seek more than you hide. You're likes look alike. A thought that was sought..well it found it's way. Tap Morse on the shoulder blade, and here's what I'd say....

Shook my amber, tambourine to death! Day dream, shit storm, breathing out of breath. My enlightened island, is a nest! Wait, where was I? My god I've digressed!

oh Oh oh OW, oh oh OW OW. etc.